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Helping Williams County cancer patients with financial needs.

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis for the patient as well as the family.  We want to help where help is needed the most.

Who We Are

We are homegrown, grassroots effort.  We started in 1996 with the guidelines of helping the residents of Williams County with financial assistance related to their cancer diagnosis.  We have maintained that as our foundation through the years.

Over the many years that we have served our neighbors in Williams County, we have focused on “being the bridge…”  We want to help a person get from one side to the other side during their time of crisis.  The client and family are given top priority  and are are given individualized services that are best for them.

What We Do

Many factors have enhanced our services; the social-economic of modern life and their effects on people in life changes have lead to provide resources and guidelines to help our clients.

We are  here to formulate a stable foundation to plan for treatment during and after diagnosis. We offer financial assistance with medication, mileage, and other medical expenses.

Why Us

We know our clients…their names, their birthdays, their families, and we know their needs.  We are local and are proud to serve the  Williams County community. 


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